Venture Capital and Web Start Ups

My term project is going to be an in depth look at the path a start up online business takes. The internet is a breeding ground for revolutionary start up businesses and in order to start one you have to fully understand the process. I am mostly going to focus on the process and phases of venture capital through basic research and also following start up companies as case studies to see how they operate.

Information Sources

There are pages for Information Sources, explaining some sources that were used to make the site and also how these resources can be used to keep following the subject. Be sure to check out:

Each resource used also has its own personal page explaining the basics about it. A list of those resources can be found here. These are mostly RSS feeds and individual resources that need explaining compared to things that provide an encompassing summary like tag based sites.

Basics & Background Information

Because you haven't dont a lot with startups, I have created some pages that explain the basics. These pages are:

Current Events

It's very important to stay up to date with the latest information in this industry. It's constantly changing and it's very hard to keep up. I have designed a Yahoo! Pipe that compiles various RSS feeds and outputs them into one feed which is displayed here.

Make sure you also check out the Blog Roll for some specific RSS Feeds to look into.

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Companies and Strategies

Startups are an interesting topic, there is only minimal basics and besides that it's a very free flowing process where you need a great idea first. I have compiled these pages to show some great ideas and fields you may be interesting in exploring as a market as well some marketing strategies for a new startup. These are baiscally an extension of current events, looking at some companies that are growing but also expanding on some issues that pertain to startups and venture capitalists. Here are the pages:


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These are the five most recent blog entries that I have written. The rest are on the show all page.

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01 Dec 2008 02:15 Search Interface
Because of my experience with web design I was very interested to see some of the interfaces that these other search tools used. A lot of tools use Google results or some other search engines results but where they excel is in the way they display data. Often times this can be most important and at the very least very cool.
24 Nov 2008 06:26 YouTube, Podcasts, and More
YouTube is a cultural phenomenon, the service that revolutionized video search technologies on the internet. But I was not sure how good of a research tool it was. Running a blog I end up using video search quite a bit and my first instinct is always to goto YouTube first. This is of course natural because it's the biggest but I've had lots of success with other tools.
16 Nov 2008 18:54 News Search
The purpose of news search tools is slightly different than the purpose of normal search engines. In a typical web search the user is probably looking for the most accurate content that is precise to their search. With news search, I feel that it might be worth it to lose some precision in the search to insure the latest updates as they happen. All too often news that is only hours or even minutes old is not relevant anymore. The normal means for a search engine (robot every x hours) just doesn't work for news. In a sense the way I think of Google (and other) News Searches is that they are large RSS mashups from the most trusted news source. Even if an iReport on can still cause waves in the stock market.
16 Nov 2008 18:54 The Deep Web
The Deep web is untapped by most people on the internet who only use Google. Of course Google Scholar does a little bit to help unleash this to the world but in my opinion it's just not good enough. Because of the discrepancies and irregularities we talked about with Google Scholar it might not be the most consistent tool but there is still a wealth of information and the "Google-style" of a massive project.
16 Nov 2008 18:54 Tag Based Sites & Specific Topics
The huge influx of tag based sites has effected my website,, and also has a lot of effects on the industry I'm investigation as well as being helpful in finding new information my project. Tag based sites fall very much in line with the web 2.0 and social networking revolution that is the back bone of the current age of internet start ups.
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