Application Of Custom Search

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The concept of custom search is not all together foreign to me but the ideas that we talked about in class are very new. I had been aware of the basic structure of using custom search on personal web pages as a search engine from Google. This saves bandwidth and processor strain and allows the best search interface, I would say a majority of web pages that have search functions and a large number of pages incorporate Google custom search. Google is the choice for most because it is the biggest but also allows full integration with a website and AdSense placement to make search profitable.


However services like Topicle, Swicki, and Rollyo showed me an entirely new aspect of custom search. The one that caught my attention the most was Topicle, it's a simple enough concept and I think the execution is done very well.

I found a search called "Web Start Up Blogs" that searches many relevant sites for my project topic. Some sites I had been using in my project are there, but also some that I hadn't. The best part of Topicle and the thing that makes it so much more powerful is that it is basically an open canvas of searches. Any user can rate, add, and subtract websites to each search.

This Web 2.0 idea of collaboration on the internet is the future of the internet and is expanding to all facets of the internet (including Obama's Web 2.0 Campaign). I look at these custom search tools just like Wikipedia or Digg and realize that together, people can combine to make the internet a smaller and much more targeted sphere.

The other thing about Topicle is that the search engine I tried works very very well. Looking for a couple companies I had been investigating I got quality results and it seemed to just work. The only issue I have is with the search where it only has an ajax drop down and you cant actually hit enter and search.

Overall Topicle is a great tool, and the only thing I worry about is that with a saturated market it won't survive. I also worry that it's simplicity (which is important in search - Look at Google vs Yahoo) is another driving force in it's success.

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