The Deep Web

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The Deep web is untapped by most people on the internet who only use Google. Of course Google Scholar does a little bit to help unleash this to the world but in my opinion it's just not good enough. Because of the discrepancies and irregularities we talked about with Google Scholar it might not be the most consistent tool but there is still a wealth of information and the "Google-style" of a massive project.

My Results

When attempting to search for my term project on other deep web services I had few results. Turbo10 was not very effective (can't get the query results to link) and came up with random links and nothing very useful. BNet on the other hand came up with some useful information and seems to be a much better tool. Searching on Scirus was a little better than Turbo10 but still my results were filled with sidebars not very well connected to my topic.

I think that the quality of resources available on the Deep Web will vary considerably by term paper subject. An industry like venture capital and web startups will be much harder to find significant information on because it is such a fast moving and new market. It's inherent connection with the internet makes blogs and other online information sources the natural fit for information.


I think the Deep Web is actually one of the things that could be most improved on the internet, and even though Google Scholar is an attempt, it still has miles to go. The restrictions of subscriber content will keep the internet from truly being an open market for information for a while yet and I don't see this going away. With things like DRM coming up, it is imaginable that it will only get worse. There are definitely two parties: those pushing for freedom of all information and those pushing for more and more content restriction on anything from music to articles to movies.

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