This is my list of rss feeds that I'm using for my project. You can see they are sorted by Best, Business, News results (searches), RSS results (bloglines search), and Tech. Some of the most useful so far have been the ones in the "Best" category: Mashable, paidContent, and VentureBeat.

Most of these resources are documented in the list of resources. While not all of them were there the important ones and some examples of bad ones are there. You should subscribe to many of these blogs to give you a well rounded understanding of the current happenings in the field.

I found that RSS of news results and BlogLines search results were almost completely ineffective however. There is too much uncertainty and they probably contributed to me having a broken 'J' key from jumping through the lists so fast. Your best bet is to find quality sources and then subscribe to those sources directly. I feel like this also gets you the most reputable and understandable information because you understand the source if you read it every day.


RSS gets an A+ for this project, it was by far the most useful. My blogroll was my life for this project and it guided me through the whole thing.

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