Conclusions & Guide

Looking back on the research that I've done on startups, entrepreneurs, and venture capital I have come to some interesting conclusions about the information out there on the internet. The most important thing is that the information is in many ways an identity of those who create it and want to find it. Entrepreneurs are of course always looking to make money and this leads to many resources that are designed with that very interest in mind.

Whether it be networking tools for a fee, people trying to self-promote disguised as giving information, or whatever else. There are numerous examples of schemes or manipulation affecting data that I found. As you enter this field and start doing a similar task I have to ask that you are very careful of these kind of setups. They are much more of a hassle than they are worth or even seem like they will be.

The other conclusion I have drawn is RSS, RSS, RSS. RSS is by far the most valuable tool for keeping up with information on the internet. Find some websites and blogs that you like and trust and follow those the most. This can provide you with a very clear framework to look at situations as they occur and keep up. If you need to find more information about something you know what to do.. use the custom search engine. At the very least you will be able to find some second opinions on whats happening.

This should be a great guide but no wiki is ever complete. I ask that you keep developing the site in case someone else has to step in and carry on for you!

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