Deep Web

I didn't expect that many deep web sources to be applicable in my project because its a fast moving and always changing industry. I also wasn't that experienced with the deep web and didn't know the power it held. However trying out a few searches yielded surprisingly good results.


I really was impressed with BNet as a resource. Because it is business oriented it worked great. Here are a few queries that I found to be very successful on BNet:

One problem I had with BNet was that there was a lot of older material and I had to sort out which is still time relevant.

Google Scholar

We talked a lot about how Google Scholar was not a consistent tool in terms of search results and it proved to be true. When using Google Scholar I spent more time filtering through bad results than finding quality resources.

SciRus and Turbo10

with Scrirus and Turbo10 I had mixed results. I didn't particularly care for the Turbo10 interface. It seemed like a lot of results I found just linked to items from DMOZ, links to other search pages and I just didn't think it was a very useful tool. Scirus has a better interface but I found (understandably so) most of the results to be science based.


Overall I'd give the Deep web more of a B range of grade for their performance. There was some very good stuff, there was some also not so good stuff.

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