Financial Crisis

This page is a collection of information related to the financial crisis on Wall Street and how it connects to the venture capital and start up industry. Most of these are articles that I found through RSS feeds which are listed on the RSS Feeds page. Understandably there isn't as much capital to be invested and startups would be the first to be effected because people will want to start taking less risks. These articles document the effects of the financial crisis and are mostly taken from the middle of October when the financial crisis was very prevalent in the news and are just a sampling.

10-10 - A financial wreck can't keep good Web developers down - found using: Google News Search RSS subscription ["venture capital" AND "financial crisis"]

10-09 - What Will the Crisis Mean for Venture Capital? - found using: Google News Search RSS subscription ["venture capital" AND "financial crisis"]

10-10 Startups, it’s Time to Stop Calling Yourselves That - Found using: RSS Subscription

10-8 Angel Investor Ron Conway Emails His Portfolio Companies Over Financial Meltdown - Found using: RSS Subscription

9-29 - VCs (And Startups) Won’t Be Immune To The Credit Crunch - Found using: RSS Subscription

10-3 - Gawker Media calls a “bleak” year coming in online advertising - Found using: RSS Subscription

12-6 - Advice for Startups Seeking Venture Capital - Found using Google News Search RSS subscription ["venture capital" AND "financial crisis"].

If you want to follow an ongoing event like this there are some steps you should certainly follow. The first and best resource is to use the [blogroll] or Yahoo pipe that I have developed on this site. This will allow you to keep up with all happenings pertaining to entrepreneurship and startups. However because this is a national story and you might want to follow it from other sources here are some good ideas to follow a story like this:

  • Yahoo Alerts - I typically wasn't a big fan but for something as broad as the financial crisis this can be a good tool to follow.
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