Information Sources

There are pages for Information Sources, explaining some sources that were used to make the site and also how these resources can be used to keep following the subject. Be sure to check out:

Each resource used also has its own personal page explaining the basics about it. A list of those resources can be found here. These are mostly RSS feeds and individual resources that need explaining compared to things that provide an encompassing summary like tag based sites.

So far I have most success with RSS feeds and blogs. My news searches have brought back a lot of information, but a lot of it is not relevant and I'm going to go back and refine my queries. The inaccuracies we noticed when we were doing the search analysis also appears in these results but when you magnify them every day and add more and more results they get worse. I think right now my news search topics are too broad and if they are refined they will be more effective. For example a specific topic might help more than a broad query.

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