Information Sources

There are pages for Information Sources, explaining some sources that were used to make the site and also how these resources can be used to keep following the subject. Be sure to check out:

Each resource used also has its own personal page explaining the basics about it. A list of those resources can be found here. These are mostly RSS feeds and individual resources that need explaining compared to things that provide an encompassing summary like tag based sites.

Basics & Background Information

Because you haven't dont a lot with startups, I have created some pages that explain the basics. These pages are:

Current Events

It's very important to stay up to date with the latest information in this industry. It's constantly changing and it's very hard to keep up. I have designed a Yahoo! Pipe that compiles various RSS feeds and outputs them into one feed which is displayed here.

Make sure you also check out the Blog Roll for some specific RSS Feeds to look into.

** Make sure you look to the side menu for these features **

Companies and Strategies

Startups are an interesting topic, there is only minimal basics and besides that it's a very free flowing process where you need a great idea first. I have compiled these pages to show some great ideas and fields you may be interesting in exploring as a market as well some marketing strategies for a new startup. These are baiscally an extension of current events, looking at some companies that are growing but also expanding on some issues that pertain to startups and venture capitalists. Here are the pages:

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