Can A Blog Be A Startup

When I was browsing my RSS feeds I noticed that the Huntington Post, a very successful news and political blog, had received 25million dollars in seed funding. This came off as a pretty staggering number to me for what I had basically just considered a blog. But digging a little deeper it all makes sense. The site gets massive amounts of traffic and this is the direction media is going to go. It seems appalling that as we see newspapers die left and right that someone would put 25 million into a news site.

Because I run a blog, I'm very interested in the fact that they can be actual businesses. The Mashable article makes note of the fact that blogs are the ultimate natural selection. There are hundreds of thousands because they take virtually no resources to start up but the bottom line is that if the blog sucks no one is going to read it.

This idea of natural selection works much different in the newspaper industry. With newspapers you are typically locked into your subpar local newspapers to subscribe to, or else pay more for options like the New York times and not get any national information. Blogs are changing the business of content on the internet into a much more "a la carte" solution. Content consumers take what they want and don't have to be force fed the typical garbage that can sometimes reside in the a newspaper.

This might not seem to relate directly to the topic of startups and venture capital but I think we will see many more thriving blog and content businesses like the Huffington Post that change the face of media from the typical newspaper. Newspapers are trying to react but it's in ways that just aren't effective and there are plenty of business possibilities that are very profitable in the content spectrum.

Here is a good article about entrepreneurs who blog as well.

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