Where To Get Funding

So you have started a business and it's picking up, now you need to get some cash. Here are some resources to connect with venture capitalists. The easiest options are to bootstrap it (finance yourself) or find some "love money" from people close to you. Especially in an economy like the one today it's going to be very hard to find people willing to give you money with out a proven product. Some good choices are to look close to you, for example I looked at some of the services from the University of Michigan.

Once you product has some success you can start moving into other phases of venture capital and start getting involved with higher level people. But here are some guides that take you through finding the money, they cover a range of topics and levels.


  • http://www.vencorps.com/ - VenCorps is a tool to connect entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, it is basically social networking for startups. You have to check this site out. You will have to sign up for a Beta account but it is already a thriving community.
  • http://www.gobignetwork.com/funding/ - Go Big Network is another tool to network with potential investors.


These are both two guides to finding financing and funding for your startup.

  • Raising Start-Up Capital - This article mentions that it's very hard to find financing these days but also lists several resources that can be useful.
  • http://www.instigatorblog.com/an-introductory-guide-to-startup-funding/2007/10/17/ - Another guide for financing that mentions two things that I haven't focused very much on. Bootstrapping (funding yourself) and what they call Love money. Love money comes from family and friends who have sympathy toward your project and believe in you. This can be very valuable because someone has to take a chance on you at ifrst.


http://www.vfinance.com - 0/5 - Seems like it could be a good resource but costs money.
http://www.entrepreneur.com/vc100 - 4/5 - Entrepreneur.com's top 100 VC firms. This is a good list and can be sorted by firms better for early stage or late stage.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_venture_capital_firms - 2/5 - Wikipedia list of VC firms… Not very long.

University of Michigan Resources

For U-M students…

  • http://www.zli.bus.umich.edu/ - Resources for UM students interested in venture capital and entrepreneurship
    • http://www.zli.bus.umich.edu/wvf/ - Wolverine Venture Fund - "multi-million dollar venture capital fund operated directly out of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, enabling entrepreneurs to realize their business dreams"
    • http://www.zli.bus.umich.edu/events_programs/busplan_competition.asp - Michigan Business Challenge - "Student teams that want to put their business skills to the test should participate in the Michigan Business Challenge (MBC). They will gain invaluable feedback from judges, expand networks, and compete for more than $40,000. "
    • http://www.zli.bus.umich.edu/events_programs/dream_grant.asp - Dare to Dream - Dare to Dream is a grant program that encourages students to move through the business creation process by offering business development seminars and $500 - $10,000 in funding.
    • http://www.zli.bus.umich.edu/vc_pe/frankel_fund.asp - Frankel Commercialization Fund - "The Frankel Commercialization Fund (FCF) is a pre-seed investment fund established to identify and accelerate the commercialization of ideas generated within the University community and the surrounding area. The team adopts a hands-on approach to investing that leverages the talents and resources available at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan to make a real impact for the entrepreneur and the University."
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