Roles & Definitions

Just in case you are unclear there are several roles and terms used on this site or that you should know in general.

Venture Capitalist - person or investment firm that makes venture investments
Entrepreneur - someone who is starting their own business (and looking for venture capital)
Startup - business started by entrepreneur
Appraisal - A formal estimate of the value of something on the open market. It also describes how the estimation and conclusion of value was made.
Business Incubator - Provides workspace, coaching, and support services to entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses.
Limited Liability Company (LLC) - A legal entity that is not taxable itself and distributes the profits to its owners, but shields personal assets from business debt like a corporation
Limited Partnership - A business arrangement in which the day-to-day operations are controlled by one or more general partners and funded by limited or silent partners who are legally responsible for losses based on the amount of their investment.
Partnership - A business form in which two or more individuals who carry on a continuing business for profit. A partnership is legally regarded as a group of individuals rather than as a single entity, and each of the partners file their share of the profits on their individual tax returns.
Sole Proprietorship - A business owned and operated by one person.

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