Tag Based

Tag based sites are all the rage on the internet today. How well did they work for finding information you are probably wondering….

There are plenty of good resources on Digg, especially in the Business and Finance category. I also got very good results searching in Digg, my favorite article I found was this one outlining the venture capital process. It had over 500 diggs!

The main problems I had with sites like Digg is that it's becoming people's business to artificially inflate digg numbers. Of course in theory digg is a great idea but once it starts getting manipulated by people it becomes less and less useful. A site like The Business Exchange which I discovered serves a similar purpose to tag based sites but it isn't technically "tag based" it is however an aggregator of content.

There didn't seem to be much action on reddit for a search of [venture capital]

Overall I give tag based sites more of a C+/B- grade for this topic, there are some resources but it's all just a big competition of who can artificially hype their pages.

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